1. Enter the new era of data storage - Blu-ray storage
          2021-01-27 23:07

          On January 22, 2021, Zhejiang Province Information Technology Promotion Association visited and reported on our company regarding Blu-ray storage products. Thank you for the visit and communication from Zhejiang Information Technology Promotion Association, our company will also respond positively and do our part to improve the security of data center.

          The report address: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/uBM0eCKK5I5Xek9ZnphjRw

          As stated in the report:

          The informationization of the new generation digital economy should be headed by data storage security.

          Our "Blue Light Storage" is an optical-magnetic fusion data archiving storage system, which addresses the current data security challenges and gradually establishes a super-secure, super-long-term, super-efficient and secure data center, strengthening the data security control of terminals while upgrading the data storage performance, "anti-tampering, anti-virus, anti Anti-tampering, anti-virus, anti-aging, anti-magnetization, waterproof, anti-vibration", the six anti-integration.

          Blu-ray storage is a combination of data storage security and ease of use and efficiency. To ensure data security and supply chain security in the digital economy.