1. Introduction

      Shanghai Wanshen Information Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-known system integrator and application software developer in China's financial industry. Since its establishment in 1993, it has adhered to the spirit of "hard work, self-improvement, and striving for the best", and taken "technological innovation, quality service, and credibility first" as its tenet, with system integration and software development in the financial industry as its two pillars, always focusing on providing high-quality products and trustworthy services for customers in the financial industry.

      The company is recognized as a "National Software Backbone Enterprise" by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and a "High-tech Enterprise" by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. The company is ranked among the "Shanghai Top 100 Private Technology Enterprises" and "Shanghai Top 10 Computer Software Enterprises". We have successfully passed the ISO9001 international quality standard system certification of Saibao Certification Center. We have obtained the second-level system integration qualification from the Ministry of Information Industry, the B-level special design for building intelligence, the second-level professional contracting for electronics and intelligence, and the third-level professional contracting for building electromechanical installation from the Ministry of Construction. And we were awarded the title of "Top 5 System Integration Service Experts in China Securities Industry".

      Over the years, Wanshen has developed a complete set of system integration and service solutions for the financial industry, involving green energy-saving precision server room, network and security integration, data storage and application, voice system, integrated resource monitoring, operation and maintenance services, etc. The main solutions include green energy-saving precision server room solutions, data center integrated resource monitoring solutions, securities network and system security professional solutions, fund network and system security professional solutions, trust network and system solutions, asset management company network and system security professional solutions, database professional service solutions, etc., which has established an honest, efficient and We have established an image of integrity, efficiency and professionalism in the securities industry. Wanshen has created several firsts in the field of system integration in the domestic securities and fund industry, including the establishment of the first Gigabit Fast Ethernet in China, the completion of the construction of the only all-NT platform securities network in China, and the realization of the first server room over density server room project in the financial industry.

      As a pioneer in China's IT industry, Wanshen has carried out extensive cooperation with internationally renowned IT companies such as Intel, IBM, HP, Cisco, H3C, Microsoft, Emerson, MGE, RC, PANDUIT, RIT, ORACLE and China's Lenovo Group. The company also owns a number of software products with independent property rights. For example, the "Wanshen Videophone Entrust System", which is used in the homes of small and medium-sized investors, won the title of "98 Shanghai Excellent Software Products", and is used in Orient Securities and Shanghai. The "TRANS2000 high-speed quotation transmission system" for real-time transmission of securities quotations from the headquarters of securities companies and their branches has won the free funding of the "Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" from the Ministry of Science and Technology and was awarded the title of "2000 Shanghai Excellent Software Products". The "Advanced Analysis Component of Securities Market", which was analyzed by the securities researchers on the complex model analysis of the securities market, was rated as one of the "2003 Shanghai 55 outstanding components" and so on.

      The company staff adheres to the quality policy of "excellent brand, first-class service", based in Shanghai, facing the whole country, with customers in more than 160 large and medium cities in various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and has formed a considerable sales and service network. The development of Wanshen is also based on the dedication of employees, the trust and support of customers and partners. In the future development, Wanshen's pursuit is to be the most valuable IT enterprise in China. Our core business is system integration and software development for the financial industry, and our technical development and business philosophy is to "serve customers with technology and guide customers with technology" and "promote customers' business development with professional services". We will continue to develop and seek for strength, further improve the level of technology and service quality, to meet and guide the needs of customers to the greatest extent, and promote the innovation and development of information technology in China.


    We received the System Integration Capability Assessment Certificate (CS2 Certificate).
    The company moved to the 4th floor of Building 8 of Yangzijiang Enterprise Plaza, Lane 268, Linxin Road, Changning District.
    We passed the audit of ISO9001 quality management system by Saipo Certification Center.
    We obtained the Grade 3 qualification of building electromechanical installation.
    The company was successfully enrolled as a technology-based SME.
    The transfer of electronic and intelligent construction level 2 and building intelligent design level B qualification was completed.
    The renewal of production safety license was successfully completed.
    Shanghai high-tech enterprise recognition (re-examination) was successfully completed.
    The company was evaluated as a specialized and special new SME in Yangpu District in 2016.
    Our company was evaluated as a backbone enterprise of National Torch Plan Software Industry Base.
    Our company was evaluated as a small giant enterprise of science and technology in Yangpu District.
    Computer Information System Integration Qualification Level 2 Certificate Renewal was successfully completed.
    The company moved to Yuanda Building, No.360 Changshou Road, Putuo District.
    Shanghai high-tech enterprise recognition (re-examination) was successfully completed.
    Mr. Zhang Jun, the general manager of Wanshen, was honored as one of the first 100 industrial elites of Yangpu District.
    Our company was awarded the title of "2005 Star Software Enterprise".
    We won the title of "2004 China Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise".
    General Manager Zhang Jun served as Vice President of the 3rd Council of Shanghai Federation of Science and Technology Enterprises.
    Wanshen was approved to be an observer of the Information Technology Application Committee of the China Securities Association.